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'See' & Explore Maths to have a deeper understanding
Key to mastering Maths
Leaders in Maths education
Singapore are the leading nation in Maths and have been for over 20 years!

We believe every child
can master maths

At Singapore maths Academy we feel every child can be
a mathematical success story! Our aim is to use proven
methods which are internationally renowned to support
children's understanding of mathematics.

What is Singapore Maths?

Singapore Maths is a Mathematics pedagogy (art of teaching) which embeds
key learning principles into everyday lessons.

The key principles in brief are:

Why Us?

These are 6 reason that demonstrate why you should consider Singapore Maths Academy for your children


World renowned proven
methodology producing the
most gifted mathematicians


Every teacher and tutor
is highly qualified


Emphasis on understanding
and explaining Maths


Visual approaches which
allows pupils to ‘see’ maths
happening in the lessons


Singapore has the highest
success rates recorded for
the last 20 years


Problem Solving at
the heart of maths

Our services

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Want more information?

Want more information?

We would love to hear from you. Let’s talk!

Interested in becoming one of our teachers?

Contact us if you’re a qualified teacher that is passionate about maths as we are.

What our fans say about us

  • "He really enjoys the hands-on approach used to demonstrates new concepts and really looks forward to his lessons!"

    Year 3 Parent
  • "I like coming to Singapore Maths Academy because it’s fun! In fractions I was really bad and now I’m a lot better."

    Year 4 ‏
  • “So far I have seen a very positive effect from using the unique Maths strategies found in Singapore Maths Academy. He really enjoys the hands-on approach used to demonstrate concepts and looks forward to his lessons!"

    Year 3 Parent
  • "Maths is fun, it’s my favourite!"

    Maleeha Year 4
  • "...my son enjoys Maths and the challenging problem solving based learning at the Academy appealed to me as this is exactly what he will face in the future due to changes in GCSE Maths."

    Year 7 Parent
  • “I feel more challenged compared to when I'm at school!”

    Ayaana Year 8
  • “My daughter has enjoyed the classes & has shown a better understanding of problems since she has started these classes."

    Year 7 Parent
  • "I’ve been getting more greens (correct work) at school."

    Zara Year 3

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